VPS Providers

For $7.00 per month
4vCPU, 6GB RAM, 30GB SSD, 2TB Traffic, 10Gbps Uplink – OpenVZ VPS server.   This means the resources are not completely reserved for you but have had no problems with the service.

For $34.99 per month
12CPU, 12GB RAM, 120 GB SSD, Unlimited Traffic, 1 Gbps Uplink – KVM Hypervisor.  This means the resources are completely reserved for you.  This is a great service for production systems.  One great feature is that they allow you to install from ISO.  They provide a great selection of OS and you can have a pre-template OS installed or install yourself from ISOs they provide.  There are other plans to select from.  You can’t be the resources to price.

Pricing varies based on the plan you select.  You can be billed hourly or monthly.  This is the best development VPS provider that I have experienced.  It is so easy to create a VPS server, test and then shutdown.  Unlike the other VPS providers, a deleted instance doesn’t remain in your panel.  You can literally create a box, test and then delete it and only pay for the hours you had it.  Although they are a little steeper priced than some other VPS providers they would also make a good production location if you are willing to pay.  One downside is they do not allow you to install from ISO.

Pricing somewhat comparable to turnkeyinternet.net above.  I did not have bad VPS service but had a very terrible experience with their billing department.  I used their web GUI to cancel my VPS service selecting the option to keep service till the end of the billing cycle rather than immediate cancel.  At the end of that billing cycle they charged me for another month of service.  I called several times and created 2 tickets.  When I called, they said billing wasn’t available via phone and the 2 tickets were closed without any comments.  After almost 2 months had passed, I contacted the owner of the company who refunded a month of service while on the phone.  He apologized profusely for the experience and said he was going to implement some changes to ensure it wouldn’t happen in the future.  Technical service was great, billing wasn’t but the owner rectified the situation.

Has not been researched but looks interesting.